Attitudes of Mother and Father

Family is part of a social system composed of emotionally interconnected individuals. The healthy development of the child is an assurance both for the society and the family. In this sense, the role of the father and the mother is not just important in babyhood but also in childhood and adolescence. Children are always in need of support, guidance and limitations from the side of their parents.

The relationship of mother-father-child is an important determinant for all the attitudes and behaviors that the child will cultivate on the way to being him/herself. The different approaches and attitudes of the parents while raising their kids create different effects on the development of the child in different levels.

In general, the typology of parent attitudes consists of authoriarian, democratic and permissive.

1 - Authoritarian mother-father attitude: The attitude of parents who always establish rules for their children and expect them to obey these rules without really paying attention to their thoughts and emotional-state. It is stated that this attitude has negative influences on communication, limits the independence of the kid, and causes adaptation problems.

2 - Democratic mother-father attitude: The parents who show this attitude draw limits for their child with suitable instructions while also giving a certain degree of freedom. This method particularly supports the improvement of various factors such as social development, self-confidence and independence and the ability to self-express. These factors also play a role in further academic success.

3 - Permissive mother-father attitude: The parents who show this attitude may have difficulties in controlling their children and drawing the relevant boundaries for them in spite of their warm-hearted approach. Parental regulation and guidance are also insufficient.

Healthy and supportive mother-father attitudes contribute to the healthy individuation of children by especially making them capable of adjusting to the rapid changes in their adolescence periods.