There are situations in psychological health of children and adolescents that require urgent psychiatric attention. Most of these situations are chronic emotional or behavioral problems or the increase in disorders. Nevertheless, it is even possible to see psychological disorders in a child that seemed to be psychologically problem-free, as a result of a distractive life event or an organic disorder.

The situations that require urgent psychiatric attention:

The expression of aggression or physical violence by the child or the adolescent. Thoughts and/or attempts for suicide: Adolescent suicides are related to a handful of psychiatric problems (primarily depressive disorders) and environmental factors.

Acute psychotic cases: This psychological state which is characterized by evident hallucinations, delusions, thinking disorders, cognitive distortions creates apprehension and consternation in adolescents.

Intense anxiety and crisis cases: Children and adolescents may show concerns towards the feeling of being crumpled, a significant loss, or environmental stress. This concern may create negative outcomes on academic success, daily activities, and relations with fellows when it exceeds a certain level of intensity.

Cases of in-family crisis: Factors like bitter relations between the mother and the father, physical violence, divorce or a loss of a family member may negatively influence the psychological health of the child. The age of the kid, his/her level of development, the intensity and duration of the crisis; all of these conditions play a role in determination of the impact level of the crisis on the child.

Cases of abuse or negligence.

Unexpected and unwanted emergency situations which arise with respect to treatment with medication.

Eating disorders: Anorexia nervosa.

Rejection of school or fear towards school.

Recently developed stammering.

Recently developed insomnia.