Halime Odağ Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Foundation was founded in 1994 with the commitment of a handful of volunteers. Some of the fundamental objectives of the foundation are: the expansion and acknowledgement of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, providing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy education for those psychiatrists and psychologists interested in working in this area, and establishing national and/or international dialogues with other foundations in this field. The foundation has proved indispensable for embracing and the development of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Turkey with multiple factors, such as psychotherapists that have been educated, congresses that have been organized since 1988, as well as public conferences and cultural events. We owe our appreciation to the faculty members, experts and assistants of Aegean University Medical School Psychiatry, Dokuz Eylül University Medical School Psychiatry, Celal Bayar Medical School Psychiatry, and İzmir Atatürk Public Hospital Psychiatry Service. We hereby would like to thank those who contributed significantly to the process of establishment and development of this foundation;


Dr. Celal ODAĞ, Psychoanalysis Institution, Düsseldorf

Dr. HARTKAMP, Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf

Dr. Yeşim ERİM, Essen-Duisburg-University, Essen

Prof. Dr. Vamık VOLKAN, Virginia University, Charlottesville

Dr. BİLİTZA, Psychoanalysis Institution, Düsseldorf

Dr. HİRSCH, Psychoanalysis Institution, Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. APPREY, Virginia University, Charlottesville

Prof. Dr. SACHS, Philadelphia PA

Prof. Dr. AKTHAR, Jefferson Medical College

Prof. Dr. MOSES, Israel Psychoanalysis Institution, Tel Aviv

Prof. Dr. MOSES-HRUSHOYSKİ, Israel Psychoanalysis Institution, Tel Aviv

Dr. OBHOLZER, Tavistock & Portman Clinic


Our relationship with them will be deep and long-lasting. Until today, in spite of many problems, our foundation managed to raise new experts capable of giving psychotherapy education to new generations, organized congresses on a consistent basis, completed its central building with its own resources and published various books in Turkish in accordance with educational goals. In fact, it has also played a profound role in the translation of international works into Turkish. The education continues to be provided in our central building since a year.


Halime Odağ Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Foundation

Telephone : 0 232 420 17 19
Postal Address : 63 Sokak No:3 Buca İzmir

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